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Feeling Royal!

This month we designed and sewed a dress for Amanda Chapman in Tuscumbia. Anyone unfamiliar with her can find her 31 faces of Halloween posts HERE!  She is an incredible photographer, yet she dabbles in FX makeup like a goddess!

Recently she was selected as one of the top 30 artists for the NYX Face Challenge! The first challenge is royalty. Amanda asked if we had any royal dresses. we do of course! But, we decided to make her something special. Below are some process shots of making the dress week before last. But you can see the finished product in her challenge video.

We hope you love her look. If you do help her to the next round by voting and sharing. You can vote up to 3 times a day if you want. Enjoy!


Hoppin’ into Spring

Things are getting busier at the Fig! I had a great time showing the makeup crew how to apply the beast prosthetics for Beauty and the Beast. Be sure to catch the show! There is still a whole weekend left. Buy tickets here!


Here is a cute photo of  Grissom Senior, Ansley, with the beast prosthetic test run, and with the more final product! She used Mehron, and Graftobian products for this one.



I also had the privilege to show some technique to students from Arab Musical Theatre last month, as they prepared for their production of the Addams Family. The kids were great and put on a fantastic, seamless show! The costumes, set, makeup, and lighting were all phenomenal! I will never miss another AMT Production. The theatre was packed with families with barely a seat left. People drove all the way from Birmingham, Huntsville, Scottsboro and Cullman to see it. Make sure you catch the next one! I took a few photos of pre and post show. Enjoy.

I have had the privilege to design costumes for Fantasy Playhouse Children’s Theater with their production of Pinocchio!  There is a really great group of parents and teens helping making the costumes from my designs. I think the donuts keep them coming back, but most likely the good company! It has been a pleasure to sit in on casting, rehearsals, and concept meetings. We have a show in just about a month, but the tickets are selling fast! Be sure to get yours ASAP, it is going to be a great show with a whale, a carnival scene, and a real live puppet of course! Here is a sneak peek!


The costuming class at Fantasy is doing great too! They are working on their cardboard puppet creations for Moppets, Poppets, and the Deep Blue Sea. They are learning how to use tools and design to make their sea creatures come to life. I cannot wait to show you their finished Jellyfish, Manta Ray, and Sea Turtle. All articulated of course!

I will have more next week as we look forward to Faustus at UAH, and Honk at Randolph School! Meanwhile have a great weekend and enjoy a show! We will see you at the shop!

Halloween Stock is In!

Greetings fellow costume enthusiasts. This is the time of year for costume planning! My fantasy, just like every year, is to start my Halloween costume the day after the last Halloween. If I am lucky, I get started on it in Septembre. In reality, now that I own a costume shop, I start on it the day before Halloween. Guess what! You don’t have to wait like I do. We have been busy, busy bees at the shop. We are working hard so you don’t have to. We have recently re-organized and stocked our shelves and wall with prosthetics, makeup, Black light reactive airbrush makeup, as many blood types as the eye can see, liquid latex, zombie prosthetics and more! These are very popular last-minute purchases, but waiting till the last-minute means it may not be there. Come in to the shop early and we can help you pre-plan your costume, with guidance on how to apply makeup and prosthetics. We can also point you in the direction of local and online resources, groups, and tutorials at no extra cost. We love to see what you are coming up with creatively!

IMG_6364 IMG_6365

Our Foothills Fangs will be in this Septembre! Small, medium and large. They look great on the Baroness Thirsty Von Darkness! Plus, they are multi use. Some customers have said they last a couple of years!IMG_6371 IMG_6383See what “Steal the Show” is preparing for with this little behind the scenes video. The upcoming August 22nd show is vampire themed, so wear your best costume and win 2 costume rentals from Fig Leaf Costumes for this Halloween!