Rental Prices

Our rental prices range from $10 to $100, from single pieces up to a full costume.

But, Our average costume rental price is $50.00.

Our prices are at least 20% less than the national rental averages. This allows nearly every income bracket to rent from us.

Why rent? When you rent a costume you are:

1. Reducing waste that comes with consumerism and fast fashion.

2. Saving time. We have already done the work of finding the right costume for you. You don’t have to waste precious hours driving all over town.

3. Saving more time in your busy schedule, because we do the cleaning and repairs for you.

4. Supporting local businesses and creating jobs in the community, instead of giving to corporations that take the money out of our local economy.

5. Avoiding the years of closet clutter that comes with buying and storing store bought costumes.

6. Wearing a unique, quality costume each and every time.

7. Getting personalized service and attention to detail that you do not have when in a big box store. We love providing quality service and getting to know our community.

8. When you rent you are not paying for a costume. You are paying for a service that provides all of the above, and we thank you for choosing Fig Leaf Costumes!



49 thoughts on “Rental Prices

  1. Nancy Wilburn

    We are working on a project at work and I am looking for Geoege and Martha Washington costumes. Do you carry these and if so what is your rental fee ?

    1. figleafcostumes Post author

      Hello, we do have them in stock. It is a $40 rental fee per costume with a $50 refundable deposit per costume. The total would be $180 up front, but $100 comes back to you, when they are returned on time and free of damage. We are open today from 12-4.

      1. Mary Heatherly

        I’m looking for something along the line of Charles Dickens, Christmas Carol. two ladies costumes if you have them, for the weekend of November 10th

      1. Blair

        Which ninja turtle?

        Also, you mention you have mascots- is there a list of those available?


    1. figleafcostumes Post author

      We do not have a paw patrol mascot. We do have a snoopy mascot. It is a $100 rental and a $100 deposit. The deposit is refundable when the costume is returned on time and undamaged.
      We open tomorrow at 11 a.m. You can call us then at #256-270-7486 for details.

  2. Becca Barganier

    Hi there! Do you all have a Belle costume from Beauty and the Beast? I am emceeing a Disney themed dance recital in May in Birmingham. Thanks!

  3. anneluisa1207

    My son is helping host a prom for special needs high schoolers. The hosts are dressing as Disney characters for them. Do you happen to have an Aladdin/ Jasmine costume or a Mickey/Minnie costume for rent? Any other Disney couple suggestions welcome too.

    1. figleafcostumes Post author

      We do have an Aladdin and Jasmine costume for rent. It is a 3 day rental at. $50 each, with a $50 deposit per costume. They are available. You are welcome to come in and take a look. We also have the Mickey and Minnie mascots. They are a $100 rental each with a $100 deposit each.
      Sincerely, Rita

  4. Amber

    I will need a small and what are the prices?

    I will have someone come down to try on. This is going to be for a birthday party on August 28th.

  5. Ken Adams

    Hello I am looking to rent a Santa suit in December I am trying to get A head start on rsvp the custome. Do you have any in stock and what is the fee?

    1. figleafcostumes Post author

      Good morning! Yes we have Santas for rental. Our average Santa is $75. Our velvet Santas are $100 rentals. We also have Mrs. Claus costunes for a $75 rental. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, or reserve a date for you.
      Sincerely, Rita

    1. figleafcostumes Post author

      Hello. Yes, we have an XXL or 2XL available. The rental is $75 plus the $75 refundable deposit, totalling $150 up front.
      It is for a three day rental. If you need extra days, it is $20 for each additional day.
      Sincerely, Rita

  6. Tina collison

    My husband and i were thinking of dressing in 2 popular kids characters and surprise the children at our fall carnival Oct. 31 . Any suggestions? Is it expensive?

    1. figleafcostumes Post author

      We have about 3,000 pieces to choose from. We everything from Robin Hood and Maid Marion to Paw Patrol. The best things to do is come in and have a look through the collection. Our prices range from $50-$100 on average for a full costume.


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