Costumed Characters

Where can I find a costumed character for my party or event?image

Right here at Fig Leaf Costumes!

We offer a large variety of costumed characters and mascots for your event. We staff very professional and experienced talent. When you book an hour or more for a character appearance, our characters arrive 15 minutes early to meet with you. You can discuss party objectives in this time, and it allows you to be in control of introducing the character to the guests. Speaking characters, like princesses, clowns, and magicians will interact with the guests in a pleasant and entertaining way, all the while staying true to their character. Please note that mascots are able to interact with guests on a more limited level. Mascots are not allowed to speak, so they won’t ruin the illusion for your child. But, they can dance, shake hands, give hugs, pose for photos and more. Be sure to plan for their arrival half an hour after the party starts. This ensures that any late guests will not miss the appearance. Be sure to reserve your date at least two weeks in advance as characters are booked regularly for weekends. You may call us to reserve a single hour for $150.00, and additional hours at $75.00 an hour. any service areas outside of Madison County will include an additional fee of $20 for travel time and costs.


Call to book #256-270-7486



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Instagram photo by Jamie Maloy, of Fig Leaf Costumes owner Rita Burkholder.