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New Phone Number!

Please take note! We have a new phone number!

We can now be reached at #256-322-6389.

Plase make a note of it in your contact lists.

Thank you for your patience, while we make changes.



Les Miserables

I am working in wardrobe for Les Miserables this week. The shop will not be available for appointments. All makeup orders will be in on Monday of next week. I can still answer messages and emails throughout the week. I may not be able to get back to you immediately, as I am backstage. But I will respond.
Buy tickets for a great show by clicking on the photo below!


Happy All Saints!


Many know this time of the year as All Saints or Day of the Dead. It is never been more true for Fig Leaf that this is a time for renewal. We have made the very difficult decision of closing our physical storefront.

I will be “gently” open the next few weeks in November, so please don’t hesitate to email, FB message, or call if you need anything. we are not out of business. we are taking the next month to transition out of our building, and taking December to rebuild the website into an online store. There will still be local pick up for theatrical supplies, and makeup. we will be able to offer more of a variety in our supplies. we just won’t be doing rentals any longer.

Thanks so much for all of your support, and for sticking with us through our transition.

We will see you on the other side!

Sincerely, Rita Burkholder

P.S. One of my favorite Saints is Saint Rita of Cascia. In a nutshell she took a dead branch, and made it grow into a living thing. It seems to be a recurring theme in my life to make something from nothing. It’s a great story and worth looking into, if you need inspiration. If you want to know more about this awesome art below. It is by artists Theophilia on



OCTOBER 17th – 28th, we are selling ALL of our rental costumes!!! We had tomake the   decision of whether or not to keep our retail storefront for another year. The numbers and a few ither factors showed it is time to close it. 

We will still be in business, but are moving our costune services and theatrical supplies online. The world is changing and we have to adapt. So, if youcan’t  beat em’ (Amazon) join em’, right? We win’t be joining Amazin anytime soon, we will stick to our own website, and offer unique handmade costumes on Etsy.

   The message today though, we are selling ALL of our costumes! We were super busy the last two days, from open to well past close. So be sure to get there sooner than later!

   We have a ton of great stuff from costumes, hats, accessories, shoes, and more! Egyptians, gorillas, knights, maidens, colonial, victorian, flappers, princesses, India Princesses, Cowboys, sailors, and more! Priced from $5-$300!

We will be in the store this week and next from

Monday through Friday 11-6

Saturdays 10-4

Come by and see us! We would love to see your smiling faces!


This is our last week for our final costume sale. Be sure to come in and bring your friends family and anyone else that you think might need a costume. ALL of our costumes are for sale this Halloween. Don’t miss it, things are going fast!!!

We are finally moving our business on line to our website. We are closing our local store front permanently. We have noticed a decrease in local sales as individuals, schools, and theaters shop online more, and more. So, we have to adapt to the market.

Thank you so very much to everyone that has come into our shop over the last four years. We’ve met so many wonderful people. We’ve seen hundreds of creative projects that we’ve been able to be a part of. We have have had the pleasure to assist and rent to dozens of theatrical productions locally and regionally. It has been a blast. Thank you so much for the fun and the opportunity to serve you as a community. We couldn’t have done it these last four years without you of course.

I want to be clear though we are not going out of business! We are simply closing our local storefront. Don’t worry, if you still need something you can contact us through our Facebook page which is Figleaf Costumes on Facebook or you can directly email us at Figleaf We are happy to provide anything that you need over the next few months. Our new website will be up in January all shiny and ready to fill your order for your productions parties events and more. We look forward to continuing to serve the community. The only difference is, we will be out in the inter-webs instead of West Huntsville.

Make sure though that if there is something you Love in the shop that you come in this week to grab it we are selling all of our costumes until the last one is gone through 28 October. That’s this Saturday. We have tons of Ben Nye makeup, wigs, hats prosthetics all kinds of accessories, and the small things that you need to finish out your costume. Come on into the shop and we will help make your costume idea come true! Have a great Halloween, and we will meet you on the other side!

Clowns, the good kind!

I have been back in town for a week, and finally have a minute or two to write a post about my trip! Many of you know me as the owner of the costume shop here in town. You may not know that I am also a musician/performer/ and aspiring clown! I write original material including skits, bits, alter egos, folk music and more. I don’t perform as much as I used to because I am usually at the shop (which I love btw)! So this summer I took a trip to Wheelock, Vermont to take a week-long “Pochinko Style Clown” workshop from none other than Donna Sellinger.


I met Donna several years ago, when she came through town with her theater troupe called “The Missoula Oblongata”. They perform original plays with loads of historically referenced material turned on its head to make a person rethink how they exist in the world. Their sets are made of mostly recycled randomness, and sometimes reclaimed trash all of which fit into the back of a minivan with its 3-5 actors! It’s a wonder to behold! Once when I booked her for a backyard play, it rained. And we had to move the furniture out of our bedroom so they could build the stage in it and fit 24 audience members! It was pure magic, and the best show I have ever witnessed!

Moving on, she is currently a Baltimore based artist, writer, and performer. Normally she teaches a 6 week baby clown workshop. But, this week-long was just a taste of the full length class.

It was held at Wheelock Farm in Wheelock, Vermont. The grounds were beautiful and there was no signal for data in the mountains. It was an incredible property. There were eleven of us students total. We were from Detroit, NYC, D.C., Philadelphia, Connecticut, North Carolina and more. Many of us were already in the arts or performing music, puppetry, clowning, and theater. So it was a really great group! Donna kept the class affordable at $250, so I was able to justify the gas there. I wish I could have paid her so much more for what she taught us! If you have a chance to learn from her, take it!

Here are a few pics.

This was the tent, where we painted, and practised our clowning exercises and critiques.


Behind the tent was the trail to what we called the “Clowntain”. Most days we made multiple trips up the hill to a gorgeous field to do visualization exercises in.


I set up my tent down at the beautiful stone round house for sleepers. Below the hill was a pond with a beaver dam, and a creek running by. I was visited twice during the week by what we think was a deer or moose, and maybe a coyote or a bear. The second visit had me screaming and clapping to make “it” go away. I was lucky that Becca and Anissa came to rescue me. No more tent sleeping after that. Though I would have been fine surely.



There were so many flowers on the property. Everything was dripping in color, and the air was nice and cool! Every morning brought me to the kitchen door to meet, and eat with my fellow clowns and talk about all manner of things. The kitchen was spacious and easily held all of us. we ended most days there with a group dinner, getting to know one another better, learning songs and singing them, drawing, sharing music…

Plus, they had the best maple syrup ever, made fresh on the farm!!!

One of the days we stopped at mid-day to visit Bread and Puppet Theatre. They have an incredible circus, museum, and more. They are famously known for their work in social justice activism and sociopolitical theatre. I have been wanting to visit for a long time and finally had the opportunity. These are photos from their circus, and museum. You can learn more about them at Bread and Puppet.

We watched a puppet performance of the eclipse, though we did pause from class to watch the real eclipse later. All 12 of us took turns using the one pair of eclipse glasses. I was also privileged to participate in Shape Note Sacred Harp singing at The Paper Mache Cathedral one night, and I went with a fellow clown to see a shadow puppet play in the ballroom, about immigration,on another night.

Finally, towards the end of the week, we earned our clown noses, and chose our costumes for our final “Something Fantastic” scene. Everyone delivered an amazing scene, some of us chose to do it twice. With our costumes and noses they were even more fantastic!

I was really sad to leave, but many of us will stay in touch, and hope to work together in the future. I ended up staying an extra day to help Marie with her broken car. we spent the morning in town and having breakfast at the Hardwick Food Co-op restaurant. we drove around the countryside a bit to drop her at the auto shop, had a coffee and pastry at a theatre there and then I hit the Museum of Everyday Life on my way out of the mountains. The museum was the perfect ending.

Finally my trip was over, except for the 21 hour drive home. But, I took my time on the way home, so it was a lazy 41 hour drive. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

Thanks a million Donna!