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Halloween is nearly here!

We would really like to thank everyone who has come in to find costunes, makeup, and accessories for Halloweenie!

We have loads of Ben Nye and Mehron available for character makeups. We have tons of glitter left and the candy pink and blue for Harlequin. 

We have new wigs in too! Trump wigs are going fast, and pink kitty cat wigs from BoJack Horseman.

Need clown supplies? We literally have it all!!!! Wigs, makeup, rubber noses, and costumes!

Come look around, try things on, and join the fun!


Last week was out of this world….

Last week at Figgie’s was very busy, and fun! We sponsored another episode of “Steal the Show”, at the Lowe Mill Arts Center. It is a fun, interactive game show with heavy theatrical and musical elements. Three audience members are chosen to compete for a $100 cash prize. Here are a few photographs of the handmade moon, contestants, Host Harvey Peckinpaw and her assistant Miss Sassyfrass. A fun time was had by all. We hope to see you at the next one!


Our tiny Fig Leaf Gardening project has come to life. I planted a few hundred sunflowers in the spring. Our first one has bloomed with many more ready to emerge. This fall we intend to do more work towards the beautification of the property. It is a nice view, and hopefully it will inspire others in our neighborhood to add a splash of color.image

In other news ConKasterborous was this past weekend at the Westin! A fun time was had by all. We were commissioned to make a hat for a “Missy” cosplay. Missy is a character in Dr. Who. She is fashioned after Mary Poppins. So, we found a vintage hat, disassembled it and reassembled it, then decked it out. I love the results! Our customer was very pleased too! Remember we can do commissioned costumes with 30 days notice!


Lastly, we were able to supply both the Pirates of Penzance, and Aladdin productions with specialty theatrical makeup. Did you love the steampunk metallic look of the characters? We carry specialty metallic powders, cremes, and more in our large selection of Ben Nye, Mehron, and Graftobian theatrical makeup. We are local, convenient, and we don’t charge shipping. Plus, we can order and have it next day as long as you order by noon! Talk about service! We love helping theatres and individuals find their look and the accompanying product needed. Let us do the work for you. We will even dress a mannequin and feature your production, if you bring us a poster for the show. That is just one more example of how we want to promote theatre and the arts. Take us up on it, we love promoting!imageimageCome see us at Fig Leaf Costumes! 3301 9th avenue S.W.