Easter Rabbit Season!

Good afternoon! Just a reminder that we are completely booked for mascot Easter rabbit rentals this weekend. We do have three open-faced rabbit costumes left. They are a $50 rental and a $65 deposit.

Don’t fret though. We have lovely Easter Rabbit actors available for hire! They are $150 for one hour or $225 for two hours. Call us to see which time slots are still available. They are on a set schedule for Saturday and Sunday appearances.

For those doing passion plays or crucifixion re enactments: We’ve got you covered! We have scar gel, wrinkle stipple, liquid latex, modelling wax,  and scar wax in brown and peach colors. We also have a large variety of blood in liquid, gel, paste, and powdered form. And don’t forget the Romans and the crown of thorns. Ours is nice and soft rubber with a realistic thorny look. They are a comfy alternative while your actor is hanging out on the cross.

Make sure to come see the selection and we can advise you in what to use.



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