We are moving and expanding!

We have been in business for just over a year and we need more space! If you have been in the store, I am sure you have noticed. Our new building is twice the size with beautiful brick walls, hardwood floors and space! Now you can come in and peruse the collection at your leisure, instead of peeling costumes back like sardines in a can.

Of course we need time to move. We know you will understand that we have to close temporarily to schlep and reorganize. But, when we re open, we will have more costumes and it will be easy peasy to find just what you are looking for. Our new location is 3301 9th avenue. A literal hop, skip and jump from the Lowe Mill, Fantasy Playhouse, The Nook, Merrimack Hall, and the new Straight to Ale brewery and amphitheatre!

And it wouldn’t be a proper move until we thank all of you for supporting our new little shop.

Thank You!

We will be closed January 3rd thru the 12th of January. If you have an emergency before then, please message us on Facebook and we can make an appointment to help you.

otherwise we reopen with normal hours from 11-6 on January 13th!


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